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Sex Offender Law Report

ISSN 1529-0697, Online ISSN: 2156-9290

Volume 02,  Number 03, April/May 2001.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Mitochondrial DNA Generally Accepted as Admissible Evidence  
pp.33-35 (3)
Authors:  Roslyn Myers, Esq..

Ironies Involving Actuarial Risk Instrumentation Use in Civil Commitment Assessments  
pp.35-36 (2)
Authors:  Dennis M. Doren, Ph.D., DABPS, ABAP.

Legal Reviews  
pp.38-39 (2)
Authors:  Ken Kozlowski.

Rape and Sexual Coercion: A Social Learning Model  
pp.36-38 (3)
Authors:  Scott Boeringer.

Identifying Factors That Make Colleges Sexual Assault-Prone Environments  
pp.40-41 (2)
Authors:  Lawrence A. Jackson, MS, CPP.

Females Who Sexually Abuse  
pp.41-41 (1)
Authors:  Douglas D. Koski, J.D., Ph.D..

From the Literature  
pp.42-43 (2)
Authors:  Joseph Custer, Esq..

Complete Issue  
pp.33-48 (16)
Authors:  Douglas D. Koski, J.D., Ph.D..

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