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Sex Offender Law Report

ISSN 1529-0697, Online ISSN: 2156-9290

Volume 14,  Number 02, February/March 2013.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Development, Validity, and Reliability of the Minnesota Sexual Criminal Offending Risk Estimate   Predicting First-Time Sexual Offending
pp.17-21 (5)
Authors:  Grant  Duwe, Ph.D..

DSM-V Approved by APA Trustees   Paraphilia Criteria Largely Unchanged
pp.17-17 (1)
Authors:  Andrew J.  Harris.

Changes to California’s Three-Strikes Law Do Not Affect Many Ex-Offenders   California’s Proposition 36
pp.19-20 (2)
Authors:  Kelly M.  Socia.

Sex Offender Civil Commitment Costs: How Much Is Too Much?  
pp.21-23 (3)
Authors:  Anthony D.  Perillo.; Elizabeth L.  Jeglic.

From the Literature  
pp.25-28 (4)
Authors:  Kelly M.  Socia.

No Right to Counsel for Civil Commitment  
pp.29-30 (2)
Authors:  Roslyn  Myers, J.D..

Complete Issue  
pp.17-32 (16)
Authors:  Roslyn  Myers, J.D..

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