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24 Jul 2003   USA PATRIOT Act Monitor Compliance Alert: MSB Survey
FinCEN has requested comments on a proposal to conduct a survey, much like its 2001 survey, to gauge perceptions of its Money Services Business education program and the program's overall effectiveness. 68 FR 43422 (July 22, 2003) The survey will be conducted by telephone interviews with business owners and managers in the MSB industry, and will ask respondents to report on the awareness of BSA recordkeeping and reporting requirements, and their awareness of "anti-money laundering basics, including how to identify suspicious activity." The release estimates that approximately 600 respondents will be found for telephone interviews, with phone calls taking approximately 15 minutes per respondent. FinCEN is seeking comments on whether other electronic data collection techniques, presumably such as emails, could be used for gathering survey information.

Written comments, which will be available for public inspection, are to be submitted to: Office of Chief Counsel, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Department of the Treasury, PO Box 39, Vienna, Virginia 22183, Attention: PRA Comments-MSB Survey. Comments also may be submitted by email to, with a caption in the body of the text, ''Attention: PRA Comments-MSB Survey.''

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