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Money Laundering, Terrorism and Financial Institutions
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Editors: Raymond Banoun, J.D. and John Ensminger, J.D., LL.M.

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Updates and commentary on newly issued and proposed regulations implementing the USA Patriot Act.
Checklists for compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, and related regulations and government guidance.
Online edition of loose-leaf service.
Updates to Looseleaf-Service: New and replacement pages updating your Money Laundering Terrorism and Financial Institutions loose-leaf service.
Releases concerning money laundering and terrorism from the Federal Register.
Laws and Congressional Activities Concerning Money Laundering and Terrorism
Releases of Federal Agencies Concerning Money Laundering and Terrorism.
Step-by-step “Compliance Flow Chart”  details every key relationship and requirement for money-laundering compliance.
  Featured! Compliance Checklist for Suspicious Activities

The editors regularly update Red Flags for Suspicious Activities at Financial Institutions when new studies and documents uncover activities that should be regarded as suspicious by personnel at financial institutions. Recently, a study of mortgage loan fraud added new red flags to the checklist. Although the checklist is arranged by specific types of financial institutions, we recommend that compliance personnel and others read the entire checklist from time to time—activity encountered by tellers at a bank one year may, with slight variation, be found by broker-dealers in another year. Criminals adapt crimes to new environments, and compliance officers must be sure that employees adapt their detection skills as well. Click on COMPLIANCE TOOLS to download.

USA Patriot Act Monitors

December 2014 Virtual Currency Trading Platform Is Money Transmitter
October 2014 LA Fashion District Targeted as Part of Drug Cartel Crackdown
September 2014 FinCEN Proposes Rules on Identifying Beneficial Owners
August 2014 FinCEN Seeks to Promote Culture of Compliance
July 2014 BNP Paribas Fined $9 Billion for Sanctions Violations
June 2014 Funnel Accounts Become Popular with Mexican Drug Cartels
May 2014 Company Providing Real-Time Services Is MSB
April 2014 Virtual Currency Transactions Have Tax Consequences
March 2014 Yanukovych and His Allies May Be Absconding Ukrainian Assets
February 2014 Providing Financial Services to “Legal” Marijuana Businesses
January 2014 JP Morgan Chase Pays $2.05 Billion for Failing to File SARs on Madoff
December 2013 Treasury Revises Definitions of “Fund Transfer” and “Transmittal of Funds”
November 2013 Secondary Market Does Not Take Prepaid Access Company Out of 2011 Rule
October 2013 TD Bank Failed to Report $1 Billion in Suspicious Transactions
September 2013 Statistics Reveal Concentration of Mortgage Fraud in 2006 and 2007
August 2013 Virtual Economies and Currencies Create Unresolved Tax Issues
June 2013 FinCEN Goes After Web-Based Money Transfer System
May 2013 Elder Financial Exploitation Subject of FinCEN Study
April 2013 Some Operations with Virtual Currencies Are Deemed MSBs