Criminal Justice

Correctional Law Reporter, William C. Collins, Esq. & Fred Cohen, Esq., Founding Editors
Correctional Mental Health Report, Fred Cohen, Esq. Editor
Criminal Justice Research Review
Domestic Violence Report, D. Kelly Weisberg, Ph.D., J.D., Editor; Julie Saffren, J.D, Associate Editor
Electronic Monitoring Survey, Margaret M. Conway, Editor
Impaired Driving Update, Denis Foley, Ph.D., CASAC and Roslyn K. Myers, Ph.D., J.D., Editors
Journal of Community Corrections, Donald G. Evans, Editor
Journal of Community Justice, Donald G. Evans, Editor
Journal of Offender Monitoring
Juvenile Justice Update, Marion Mattingly, Editor
Offender Programs Report, Kevin Knight, Ph.D., Russ Immarigeon, MSW, and David Farabee, Ph.D., Editors
Probation and Parole Law Reports, Ken Kozlowski, J.D., M.L.S.
Sex Offender Law Report
, Roslyn Myers, Ph.D., J.D., Editor

Cognitive Behaviorial Interventions for At-Risk Youths, Barry Glick, Ph.D., NCC, ACS
Community Corrections Management, William D. Burrell
Correctional Psychiatry, Ole J. Thienhaus, M.D., M.B.A. and Melissa Piasecki, M.D.
Effective Program Practices for At-Risk Youth
, James Klopovic, M.A., M.P.A., Michael L. Vasu, Ph.D. and Douglas L. Yearwood, M.S.
Electronic Monitoring Statutes in the United States, Ken Kozlowski and the Journal of Offender Monitoring Editors
Forensic Mental Health: Working with Offenders with Mental Illness, Gerald Landsberg, DSW, MPA, and Amy Smiley, Ph. D., Editors
Implementing Successful Cognitive Behavioral Interventions, Barry Glick, Ph.D., NCC, ACS, LMHC and Reginald Prince, B.A., LS-CMI, YLS-CMI, CBI-CMI
Introduction To Mental Health Treatment In Corrections: A Clinician’s Perspective, Emil R. Pinta, M.D.
Juvenile Justice: Policies, Practices & Programs, H. Ted Rubin, J.D., M.S.W.
Juvenile Justice Now: Reinvention and Promise, H. Ted Rubin, J.D., M.S.W.
Mentally Disordered Inmate and the Law, 2nd Edition,The, Fred Cohen, Esq.
Reentry Planning for Offenders With Mental Disorders, Henry A. Dlugacz, M.S.W., J.D., Editor
Science, Treatment and Prevention of Antisocial Behaviors, Diana H. Fishbein, Ph.D., Editor
Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification: A "Megan's Law" Sourcebook, Karen J. Terry, Ph.D. and John S. Furlong, J.D.
Sexual Predator, The, Anita Schlank, Ph.D., Editor
Stalking, Mary P. Brewster, Ph.D.
Treating Addicted Offenders, Kevin Knight, Ph.D. and David Farabee, Ph.D., Editors
Violence Against Women, Joan Zorza, Esq., Editor
Women and Girls in the Criminal Justice System: Policy Issues and Practice Strategies, Russ Immarigeon, MSW, Editor






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