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Our company recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of Personally Identifying Information about you as a user of this website. This website does not collect Personally Identifying Information about you except for information that you voluntarily provide (such as shipping and billing information) needed to complete a transaction. We never share your email address with third parties.

We consider the following to be Personally Identifying Information: your name, address, phone, credit card information, email address, and purchasing selections. Personally Identifying Information is used by CRI to process your purchases, and to inform you about other products and services if you want us to do so. Personally Identifying Information is treated confidentially within CRI. This website does not share Personally-Identifying Information outside CRI with third parties.

Cookies: We do not use cookies on this web site. (Cookies are electronic tags that many major Web sites place on your computer in the process of sending your computer a file.)  We do not collect personal data about what you pages you view or what links you click on in order to influence your choices or apply algorithms to encourage you to buy anything.

Links to Other Sites: Our site contains links to other sites that are not under our control, even though they may use the CRI name or logo on their site through an agreement with us. Such other sites do not necessarily follow our privacy policies, and may place their own cookies on your computer. This practice is widely employed by companies doing business on the web, and while we may not like it, we cannot control cookies placed on your computer by third parties whose links appear on our site.






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