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"I’ve read CMR since the first issue and believe it to be the best publication in corrections.  Good questions, intelligent answers, current information, and thorough reporting.  It’s all in Corrections Managers’ Report.”
—David F., Utah Board of Pardons and Parole

Well written and informative ... much more direct than anything I’ve previously read in corrections.”
Paul K., New York State Department of Corrections

“An excellent information source for those who run jails and prisons.  In-depth and up-to-date information on legal issues as well as a variety of relevant issues of concern to managers ... and practical guidelines on correctional management.”
—Martin D., Wisconsin Dept of Corrections 

Corrections managers see their jobs growing rapidly in scope and complexity even as they are faced with competing corrections philosophies and concepts, untested ideas and fads, an ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations, and news media coverage that often foregoes meaningful, responsible reporting in pursuit of the dramatic if misleading story.

Corrections Managers' Report helps you deal with this rapidly increasing growth and change.   Written and edited by corrections professionals, CMR offers the best thinking of today’s foremost authorities on corrections policy and practices ... and offers critical insights and practical guidance on how to manage your facility, staff, finances, and inmate population more effectively.

Ideas and strategies you can put to work in your facility today.

CMR seeks out good hard, practical thinking that works, and presents it in the most useful way possible, in concise, to the point, quick-reading language. No undigested facts and raw data, no academic or theoretical ramblings.

CMR helps you manage your facility and operations more effectively.  Our experts keep you briefed on important new trends and practices in managing inmate populations, security, work, recreation, and treatment programs—plus hands-on guidance for managing your physical plant.

CMR guides you through the massive maze of government regulations and laws affecting inmates and staff—PREA, PLRA, RFRA, OSHA, the Family Leave Act, anti-discrimination legislation, ADA—you'll find practical guidance on what these regulations mean to you and what you must do in order to comply with them.

CMR shows you how to get more value for every budget dollar.  Whether you're adding capacity, upgrading security, implementing a new computer system or contracting with private consultants or service providers, we'll bring you the advice and guidance of the most knowledgeable authorities in corrections today—free from bias and written expressly from the point of view of the correctional manager.

CMR helps you hire, train, and retain the best people.  You'll learn how to screen and select quality staff and develop training programs that make sure staff performance and management objectives are in sync.

CMR helps you handle the flood of prisoner litigation. Our legal experts shows you how to take the offensive against inmate lawsuits, make liability avoidance a basic part of staff training, and document policies, practices and procedures to make them a barrier to litigation rather than a source of it.

CMR shows you how to recognize and improve leadership, how to reduce and avoid liability, how to manage successfully, how to cope with the flood of new personnel laws and regulations, and how to better handle your own career. 

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