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Editor: Ralph Gerstein, J.D. and Lois Gerstein, MSW

Ever since passage of the Student-Right-to-Know and Campus Security (aka Clery) Act, colleges have sought to address anti-social and violent behaviors and campus crime in more effective and creative ways... 

Now there’s help for professionals seeking to deal with criminal and problem behavior on college and university campuses and creating a safe environment for learning... 

Written by practicing professionals for practicing professionals, Campus Safety and Student Development brings together the best ideas of recognized experts in the law, policing and security, student and judicial affairs, health care, counseling, and administration.  Each issue focuses on important legal and practice developments you need to know about, and on innovative programs from campuses around the country ...

  • How much information can colleges divulge about campus hearings under FERPA?
  • How can colleges avoid sanctions under the reporting provisions of the campus security act?
  • Are institutions liable for consequences of disruptive student behavior stemming from sports events?
  • Which six simple practices when responding to sexual assault complaints will protect you against liability claims for negligence?
  • How can a limited immunity policy decrease the underreporting of campus crime?
  • What is the college’s liability for students who drink, drive and do damage on campus?
  • Must colleges adjudicate violent crime cases?
  • Are college judicial codes becoming too legalistic?
  • When should colleges take judicial jurisdiction over off-campus incidents?
  • At what point should local community law enforcement be asked to participate in an on-campus investigation?
  • Should campus security become involved with preventing anti-gay incidents?

As a subscriber, you will benefit from the experiences and ideas of nationally recognized experts, and from guidance, solutions and problem solving that is practical and innovative. 

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