Domestic Violence Report
Law • Enforcement • Corrections • Protection • Prevention • Health
Editor: D. Kelly Weisberg, Ph.D., J.D.; Associate Editor: Julie Saffren, J.D.

The leading professional report devoted exclusively to innovative programs, legal developments, and current services and research in domestic violence law and prevention.

Domestic Violence Report keeps you up-to-date on...

  • Successful programs for prevention, protection, enforcement, prosecution, aftercare and corrections
  • New legislation, court decisions, regulatory and policy developments
  • Practical intervention strategies
  • Criminal and civil litigation
  • Medical and psychological treatment of victims, abusers and their children

“I have been subscribing for the last 8 years and often use information from DVR in briefs and training materials.  The information is always current and extremely relevant to my daily practice.  Thanks for this tremendously useful publication.”
—Christine McLeod Pate, Pro Bono Mentoring Attorney, Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

“An excellent resource for professional working to end family violence.  We highly recommend DVR to those readers looking for a single source of current, quality information on domestic violence.  This newsletter is the best in the field.”
—National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges, Courts & Communities

“We rely on it for all kinds of information here at the Commission. For the information we get out of it, it's really not expensive at all.”
—Roberta Valente, ABA Commission on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Report is an excellent resource and just superbly done.  I always get useful information from it and it is a great way to keep up with activities, books, law etc.  Keep up the good work.”
—Nancy Durborow, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence"Domestic Violence Report is such a great publication!" —Prof. Donna Coke, University of Miami School of Law

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Domestic Violence Report
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