The Sexual Predator
Law • Policy • Evaluation and Treatment
Editor: Anita Schlank, Ph.D.

This five-volume master reference helps professionals meet the complex legal and therapeutic challenges arising from the expanded use of civil commitments for offenders deemed to be sexual predators ...

An “essential text for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, attorneys, legislators, judges, and legal researchers ….”
—Lillian M. Tidler, M.D., review of Volume I, Psychiatric Services, March 2001

Bringing together many of the foremost legal and clinical authorities in the field, The Sexual Predator addresses the legal principles, risk assessment methods and tools, and treatment program strategies for professionals who defend and prosecute civil commitments, those who serve as expert witnesses or perform risk assessments, and those who develop and staff programs to treat the increasing numbers of civilly committed sex offenders, many of whom have special needs.

The Sexual Predator clarifies the terms—and practical implications—of the debate in this controversial area. It provides practical, “how-to” guidance for both attorneys and mental health professionals who, regardless of their opinions of the commitment laws, must now direct their efforts toward improving the evaluation, referral and trial proceedings for these cases and, perhaps most important, toward providing responsible, high quality treatment programs for those committed under these statutes, and planning for their eventual release back to the community.

7 practical reasons why you’ll find The Sexual Predator an essential resource …

  • In-depth analyses of the case law—how it impacts both offender representation and program development
  • Practical legal strategies for both defense attorneys and prosecutors
  • Hands-on review of available risk assessment instruments
  • Guidelines for preparing expert witness testimony
  • Detailed discussion of innovative clinical programs
  • Spotlight on program administration problems—and solutions
  • Advice on successfully reintegrating offenders into the community post-treatment

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